Sunday, 24 April 2016

Tales of Mystery and imagination #3 is in production!

Set for a July release -- the third issue of Tales of Mystery and Imagination is in production and the Tattybogle Man is back in his regular role as the Host presenting our "Creatures of the Night Special!" 

Showcasing three original tales of terror and an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven", issue three is shaping up to be our best yet. 

More news on this -- and our new second publication -- in the days ahead.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Comics Anonymous reviews Tales of Mystery and Imagination #1 & 2

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The Tattybogle Man is let off the leash in issue 2 of Tales of Mystery and Imagination

Comics from Dundee have always been home to a menace or two, but the latest comic creation to emanate from the city is menacing on a completely different level. The second issue of Terrier Studios’ Tales of Mystery and Imagination introduces us to the Tattybogle Man, a comic book character who has more in common with ‘Elm Street’ than ‘Bash Street’. 

“Based on classic horror films of the 70s and 80s, the Tattybogle Man is certainly more like Freddy Krueger than Dennis the Menace,” says his creator William Hazle, adding that “He was created as the Host for our first issue but it was always planned that he would be spun off into his own disturbing and gory stories, that are more than a little tongue-in-cheek.”

“I’ve taken a few ideas from Scottish myth and legend, such as bogles and the Brollachan, and re-imagined them to create the Tattybogle Man’s backstory as a supernatural entity whose sole reason for existing is to cause chaos.”

Following on from the success of the first issue Terrier have committed to publishing further volumes on a quarterly basis and each issue will introduce new characters that will be distinctly Scottish in nature. Work is already underway on a Scottish werewolf story for issue three and issue four sees the Tattybogle Man getting to grips with internet trolling.

Adding to the overall Scottish flavour, artist Lewis Cooper sets his story From Below in the Glasgow Underground and introduces a creepy threat known only as The Green. Lewis explains that “From Below is basically a homage to 30s Pulp stories, but placed in a contemporary and familiar setting.”

Where the first issue adapted classic horror stories from Edgar Allan Poe and H P Lovecraft, this second issue has completely original stories. This mix of adaptations and original tales is something that will be a continuing trend in future issues. Assistant editor Arati Ahmed notes “We’ve already got talented new artists working on adapting Poe’s The Raven for the next issue and some more Lovecraft for issue 5.”
 After completing a work experience placement, organised as part of the company’s eight-year partnership deal with Dundee & Angus College, artist Kieran O’Connor has secured a place as a regular contributor. “I try to make each story as creepy and fun as possible” says Kieran. “The stories definitely have a dark sense of humour to them and horror fans should find lots to chuckle at.” William concurs, “We’ve ramped up the horror and humour in this issue. There’s a clever and witty story, written and drawn by Ewan Smith, that sets the tone from page one and Kieran’s regular Frightful Funnies strip closes the book with his skewed take on the horror genre.”

The future is looking bright for the Tattybogle Man and Tales of Mystery and Imagination.