Saturday, 9 July 2016

Ailsa Dark -- Scotland’s newest Superhero!

When there are Werewolves in Sauchiehall Street, who you gonna call?  
Ailsa Dark -- Scotland’s first line of defence against the supernatural!
AILSA DARK, Scotland’s newest Comic Book Hero will be released on October 28th at the GEEK OUT Entertainment Expo & Comic Con! 

In October of last year we successfully launched our anthology title Tales of Mystery and Imagination, introducing the world to our horrific creation The Tattybogle Man. Now we’re adding to our roster of Scottish-based horror comics with Ailsa Dark; chronicling the tales of a Scottish adventuress as she protects the good folk of Glasgow from supernatural threats. 
Aided by Detective Umair Farooq, Ailsa takes on a worldwide criminal organisation in her first adventure -- Werewolves and Bampots!

Working Scottish folklore and history in with Lovecraftian elements, Ailsa Dark will build a rich tapestry of colourful characters and scenarios. “The first story-line will run across two issues and introduce Ailsa and her supporting cast”, says creator William Hazle, adding that “In typical comic book fashion, Ailsa has two identities; one is the heroic crime fighter and the other is presenting cult movies on a late-night cable channel.”

Featuring two stories in each issue -- Ailsa will share her book with The Tattybogle Man who will be bringing his unique brand of horror with him from Tales of Mystery and Imagination.

The third issue of the Tales of Mystery anthology has just been released. William notes “We’re pleased that Tales of Mystery has been successful enough to let us expand our roster of Scottish comic book characters -- The Tattybogle Man and Ailsa Dark are just the start. We’re already planning our third on-going title and character.”

“Ailsa Dark’s publication will mark our first year anniversary ”, says William “and we’re excited to be launching it at Geek Out, just in time for Halloween!”

Friday, 8 July 2016

Tales of Mystery and Imagination #3 -- Sneak Peek!

Dundee’s twisted anthology title returns with a third issue that is resolutely old-school in design and modern in approach.  Behind Iain Smith’s fearsome cover lurks four tales of terror, each with its own unique style.

Editor and contributor William Hazle notes that “Issue one was a homage to classic horror literature, issue two featured original stories and this issue is a blend of both approaches.”  The classic is covered by Edgar Allan Poe’s ethereal poem The Raven which is given a thoroughly modern and stylish retelling by new contributor, Dundee and Angus College graduate Rebecca Tough. 

Rebecca explains what lay behind her approach in taking on such an iconic work. “Poe, like everybody, had his demons, but he managed to find a way to co-exist with his demons through his writing. I approached the adaptation from the angle of making it work on a personal level, to convey the story in a modern style,” adding with a laugh “Also, dealing with dark themes is something I find strangely soothing.”

As a mainstay of the series, Kieran O’Connor continues to present both creepy and comedic stories, “I try to do something different for each issue,” says Kieran “In this issue I wanted to evoke a sense of old-school monster flicks from the 50s à la Roger Corman. My story Skinny Dippin’ is, I hope, suitably funny and disturbing.”

William Hazle’s The Wolf Laughed is another original tale that was forged with input from fellow creators Stephen Milne and Lewis Cooper. William notes, “Classic horror films are a huge influence on me, and I wanted to tell a classic werewolf story in the style of a 1940s Universal horror film.  Moody and melodramatic in equal measures.”   

Ewan Smith brings another short, sharp and witty tale to the table with Zombees!! “I grew up reading 2000AD and always loved the Futureshock shorts. This was an opportunity to do what those stories used to: take a skewed look at a topic which has been making headlines and try and cram it into three pages with a twist ending. Plus I got to use a dreadful pun.”

But what of the comic’s resident resurrected psychopath, The Tattybogle Man? “After wreaking havoc in issue two, The Tattybogle Man has returned to his regular role as our resident, jovial host,” says William, adding “However, after positive reaction to the character’s origin story we’ve been working on a plan to let him off the leash in the not too distant future.”

And what exactly does the future hold for Terrier Studios? “We’ve given Scotland a new monster in The Tattybogle Man,” says William “so it’s only right that we give it a new hero and she’ll be debuting in her own comic this October. She’s Ailsa Dark and she’s Pure Gallus!”

Tales of Mystery and Imagination 1-3 are available directly from Terrier Studios, with digital versions coming soon! Issues 1 and 2 are also available on the comic book marketplace

Friday, 1 July 2016

Terrier's Glasgow Comic Con Competition

Be the Tattybogle Man's next victim!

If you're at the Glasgow Comic Con this weekend be sure to enter our Tattybogle Man Competition!  One lucky winner will be featured as the Tattybogle Man's victim in his next solo strip.

So -- if you want to be gratuitously slaughtered by the Tattybogle Man in our next comic -- make sure to drop by our table this Saturday and Sunday!

The rules:
1. Purchase Tales of Mystery and Imagination (you were going to do that anyway)
2. Like Terrier Studios on Facebook
3. Sign your name to go into the Sweet Skull of Doom

The winner will be drawn from the Sweet Skull of Doom on Sunday and notified by email or Facebook.

The prize: 
Copies of our next comic featuring YOU meeting a grisly end at the hands of the Tattybogle Man, and framed original artwork of the page you're on.